Audrey Rumsby


Hey there! I’m Audrey Rumsby.

I'm an artist with over 75 stage productions to my credit. I've spent my entire life in the theatre and recently became a filmmaker in order to spread my stories to a wider audience. I chose this work because I am privileged to spend all my time with quirky and wonderful people, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I'd love to help you with one of your projects, or perhaps you'd like to be involved in one of mine?

Go on...get in touch! I can't wait to hear from you.


B A R R Y   &   J O A N

This is not your usual teen love story. He was an incurable performer who loved to cross-dress. She was a dancing piano genius. She spotted his legs when they met in a musical. Seventy-five years later, they are still married, performing, and teaching. There was just no time to grow old. Meet London’s Barry and Joan.